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3D Photo Crystals – A gift they will always cherish

Whether you are seeking a unique and thoughtful gift your partner or want to celebrate the wedding of your two best friends, picture frame or a collage work happens to be a timeless present which freezes the precious memories forever.

Moon and back brings you a beautiful and unique approach to framing photographs – 3D crystal picture cube. Made of crystal with a picture of your choice in the middle, 3D photo crystals make an utterly unique and beautiful gift.

So, how to select the perfect picture for a 3D crystal picture cube? There are holidays, birthdays, or memories of some very special moments that you might want to keep in front of your eyes forever.

You and your friends might take a lot of pictures of these events but rather than keeping them in albums forever, why not select your favorite ones and get them framed in sparkling 3D photo crystals?

Here are top 4 reasons you should give a 3D crystal picture cube as a gift:

Adorn the Shelves/Side Tables

Yes, artworks, quotes, and paintings look lovely on the walls and your tables and shelves. Now, for a more personal touch, you could sprinkle some beautiful memories and get them framed in 3D photo crystals to add a unique and stunning touch to your décor.

Protects the Precious Memories

You might have a picture from your honeymoon, or the first road trip that you took as a teenager. You could cherish these memories forever and get them framed in 3D crystal picture cube. As they are a bit different that traditional photo frames, and are delicate, you will have to take care of them.

They look Unique

We all have seen the regular photo frames with lovely frames and glass fronts. With a 3D photo crystal, your memory would stand out and look unique among the many other photo frames the recipient might have received. Also, it makes the photo stand out more in the sparkling crystal.

A thoughtful Gift

Everyone appreciates a customized gift or something that you put your thought into. Taking out the time to select the perfect memorable click and then getting it embedded in a 3D crystal frame is a lovely gesture and truly shows that you consider that person a special someone whom you are giving the gift too. Also, they can display it right away.

So, if there is an event coming up and you haven’t been able to come up with anything after racking your brain for hours, Moon and back has got your back. We will help you get the job done. We have a range of unique moon lamps which look like the real deal and you can even get them personalized with a picture or a quote.

Take a look at our variety and let us know which of the 3D photo crystals you would like to have and you can rest assured that you will get excellent quality.