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Moons lamps are quite the rage nowadays aren’t they? 3D printed and in the shape and design of the moon, moon lamps look stunning and add to the inviting and romantic ambiance of the room. But why moon you ask? Well, for centuries moon has been the source of human’s intrigue. And that has both to do with its beauty and science. Who wouldn’t want to hold one in their own hands?

A moon lamp, as the name implies, is in the shape of a moon. You can use it as a lamp, night light, or even as a gorgeous centerpiece. The printing of the moon lamp takes inspiration from real moon pictures captured by NASA. The picture is broken down into codes so that the 3D printers can use them and lo and behold! You get your very own moon complete with the physical appearance, mountains, craters, and even the same lightning qualities!

So, what does the moon lamp do? The moon lamp creates a soothing, serene, and romantic mood in the bedroom within seconds. It has a calming effect on one’s nerves and creates a peaceful ambiance in your bedroom, living wherever you want. You could even have a romantic dinner with your partner in the moonlight.

If you don’t want big lamps to dominate your room, then get a moon lamp. It is great for minimalist and subtle home décor and would add to the overall appearance of your room making it seem warm, cozy, and inviting which both are calming to the eyes and nerves.

Along with that, a personalized or customized moon lamp is the best gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, your spouse or anyone else who loves this glowing ball of nature! Yes, a regular moon lamp is beautiful, but a personalized moon lamps add a personal touch. You attach sentimental value to it by customizing it with a special picture, words or a date that means something to you.


Moon lamps are rechargeable and come with a USB charging cable.
You get to control the brightness of the light. You could dim it or brighten it according to your mood or need. Make it bright or light, up to you!
You get to choose between yellow warm light and white bright light, all with the touch of a button. Moon lamps support two color tones in each lamp.
Not only that, you could operate it with a remote and get a moon lamp with 16 colors!
You can safely use the moon lamp in the presence of little children as it does not heat up making it perfectly child safe.
The moon lamp is 100% wireless guaranteed to add that special touch to side table/nightstand.
If you are looking for personalized moon lamps or want to get a customized moon lamp, you have come to the right place. Moon and Back Store happens to have the highest quality personalized moon lamps just the way you want. We have the best sizes and that, too, at the best price!